Three Eyes-In-The Sky Options For In-Season Scouting

3 months ago
Farmers looking at how to capture more information about their in-season crop performance so they can turn around quickly and make management decisions are tapping into aerial imagery. Erich Eller, owner of ForeFront Ag Solutions, Huntington, Ind., says imagery plays an important role in his crop [...]
Julianne Johnston

The End of the Internal Combustion Engine? Not So Fast.

3 months ago
Some researchers are projecting that electric vehicles could largely replace cars with internal combustion engines in the United States by 2040. This study and others like it fail to acknowledge the likely slower pace of adoption that would occur in the developing world.
Stephanie Mercier

New packaging for soil erosion

3 months ago
At some point it is helpful to repackage the old problem of soil erosion to tackle the issue at hand. Maybe we need to change the narrative.
Tom Buman

Phipps: Learning Curve in Technology

3 months ago
John Phipps recently bought a new camera on his farm. At the inaugural Ag Tech Expo in Indianapolis earlier this month, he discusses the learning curve when it comes to new technology.
Roger Bernard

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