Renaissance Report - November 2012

FreshStart, NPF & FreshMate

A quality, balanced ration for prefresh/post-fresh cows is critical to their productivity and profitability throughout the coming lactation. This includes ingredients that can help to prevent the incidence of milk fever, while maintaining a positive energy balance and a carefully-balanced ration. The ration for these cows also needs to focus on developing a good rumen mat with quality forages, which is critical for good digestibility and health. Renaissance offers the following products for prefresh and post-fresh rations:

  • Natural Pre-Fresh (NPF) (#1270) : A source of Bio-Chlor TM , a palatable source of dietary anions and protein formulated specifically for rumen bacteria, which increases DMI in a transition cow by improving rumen function. It helps improve performance of early lactation cows, reducing metabolic disorders by decreasing the dietary cation/anion balance during the prefresh period. Feed a Renaissance Dry Cow vitamin/mineral premix in addition to NPF to meet the nutritional requirements of the prefresh cow. It may be fed in a TMR or top-dressed fed at a rate of 2 – 2.5 lbs/hd/day.
  • FreshMate (#1260) is a completely-fortified mineral supplement for prefresh cows, providing a palatable source of anions. Fed at a rate of 1.5 lbs/head/day, it provides a convenient one-package approach to fortifying ration protein/mineral/vitamin levels. The combination will assist in maintaining normal calcium status, minimize milk fever issues and provide for optimum transition cow health. It contains Animate TM (see product #9024).
  • FreshStart (#1283): This is n ot an anionic product, but a complete vitamin-mineral prefresh mix, designed as a “transition” product to be fed from 3 weeks pre-calving to 3 weeks post-calving. One pound provides a glucose precursor to help reduce the incidence of ketosis and other metabolic problems; chromium to improve energy (glucose) utilization; y east and MOS for better rumen health/ immunity ; organic trace mineral for improved immune function/lower somatic cell counts and improved hoof/tissue health; protected niacin for improved energy metabolism/liver function; a high quality by-pass protein to meet the higher protein needs of the transition cow; and 1200 IU of vitamin E for better immune function.


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