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REN-YIELD Dry has been shown to increase the microbial activity around the roots of plants from germination through growth and development. Acting as a soil inoculant, it lives in symbiosis with most plants, where the plant provides sugars and discarded waste materials so that fungi and bacteria can live, grow and reproduce. The bacteria and fungi supply nutrients which the plant benefits from as it grows. Furthermore, they also help to retain more moisture in the soil, provide a protective zone around the plant and aggregate the soil. This helps to make the soil both healthier and biologically active.

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Is She Getting…All She Needs? When she needs it most? A new concept in helping calves and cows meet their day to day nutrient demands. Ren-Boost capsules help to ensure she is getting all she needs when she needs it. You can target one cow, a group of cows, or all the cows. Ren-Boost capsules working with you to maintain good transition period health and reproductive performance. Check out our Gut Squad Product Today!

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Formulated to provide the ultimate combination of fiber digesting enzymes, minerals and probiotics. It Includes ingredients that help stimulate the growth of rumen fungi and bacteria, causing faster and more complete fiber fermentation. The benefits of improved fiber digestion include reduced “heat of fermentation”, lowering body temperature – especially important in hot weather. You can expect an increase in milk production and butterfat percent (%). This product is especially helpful when forages are changing and to get maximum value out of forages

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A nutritional tool designed to maintain and improve rumen function. It is engineered to help improve a dairy cow’s overall gastrointestinal efficiency regardless of her lactation stage. This is the next ‘evolution’ in a tried and tested line of dairy supplements.

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