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DairyInfo July 2013


Cooling cows is known to have an economic return, but there are advantages to keeping heifers comforatable as well when the weathr turns hot and humid! Warm temperatures this spring serve asa reminder to be prepared for the arrival of higher summer temperatures, along with higher humidity, that are a certainty. In fact, some of these temperatures have already occured and will more than likely be ever present in July.  

Reducing Heat Stress for Dairy Cattle...

Heat stress takes a toll on dairy cattle almost every summer, with the impact continuing long after summer heat has past and weather beging to cool. At temperatures above 77 degrees fahrenheit, cows have to use energy to cool themselves through heat loss via the skin and respiritory tract. High producing cows are the most sensitive to heat stress because of their high feed intake...

Some Suggestions to Deal with Heat Stress in Dairy Cows

Summer is here and it is a time many of us look forward to with warmer temperatures and longer days after a long cold winter. However the dairy cows we work with don't look at summer in the same light as we do. Summer temperatures and humidity can play havoc on dairy cows, affecting production, milk components, reproduction, and health...

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