Founded in 1985, Renaissance Nutrition, Inc. is a leader in dairy nutrition and farm management. Our headquarters are in central Pennsylvania and we maintain a team of 100+ consultants across the country, with ongoing expansion into the Midwest and Western states, as well as internationally. Renaissance strives to be at the forefront with performance-related, research-tested products and technologies.

Renaissance is owned and operated by a family who has been in the nutrition and premix business for four generations. It is this tradition of experience and excellence that reinforces our commitment to you. Our emphasis is on quality. We source the finest ingredients and formulate well-balanced mixes to maximize production and improve bottom-line profitability. We never sacrifice quality in order to meet a competitive situation.

As part of our commitment, you have access to an array of resources through Renaissance. This includes our Nutrition Help Desk, whole-farm assessments, ration balancing, forage and feed analysis, custom mixes, and products in bags, bulk, or super sacks for convenient deliveries. These benefits, combined with the assurance of a professional group of consultants, make Renaissance a company for progressive producers. Renaissance…a team for results!


Renaissance Nutrition, Inc. was founded with the goal of bringing the highest quality premixes and services to producers at the least possible cost. When Renaissance was started, I was able to draw from my own experiences as the fourth generation of my family in this field of dairy and livestock nutrition, premixes and base mixes.

The name Renaissance was chosen because it means “new birth,” since I intended this to be a beginning and return to a customer-oriented premix business.

As the owner of Renaissance Nutrition, Inc. my intent is to operate this business based on Christian principles. My commitment to producers who purchase and receive products from Renaissance is that these products will be the best available in the feed industry. Never will this company sacrifice the quality of a product for the sake of profit. Furthermore, pricing will always be fair and consistent.

On behalf of the entire team at Renaissance Nutrition, I look forward to the opportunity of serving you, and working with you today and in the future.

Craig R. Brown
Renaissance Nutrition, Inc.