The quality of products necessary for organic, non-GMO or natural farms is very important, which is why we only use approved ingredients. At Renaissance, ensuring your animals are fed the best macro and trace minerals, as well as other supplemental ingredients is our business. Our raw ingredients are tested to ensure the highest quality inputs are used in each product. Additionally, our equipment is carefully cleaned prior to special certification mixes to prevent cross-contamination of unapproved ingredients. When you combine quality products designed for use on your certified farming operation, top-notch service and proactive management practices on the farm, the results may include improved productivity and profitability for your dairy or livestock operation.

Renaissance carries a variety of competitively priced dairy and livestock vitamin and mineral mixes and has the ability to custom formulate mixes to a farm’s needs. We also have industry-proven products including selenium yeast, Levucell® SC live yeast, Agrimos®, Integral® AO yeast culture, Mintrex® minerals and 4-Plex® E minerals, Redmond minerals and salts, Thorvin™ Kelp, organic soy oil and organic or untreated seeds available for purchase.

*Always check with your Certifier for approval before feeding any new products as each Certifier has their own set of regulations. Requests for certification or ingredient questions can be sent to Regulatory Affairs via*