Project Description

Renaissance Nutrition’s emphasis is always on quality. Every product is manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, selected from the most reputable companies in the industry. New products are closely scrutinized to ensure that they perform to your satisfaction.

Our goal is to help make your job easier and your farm more profitable. Whether you have the capability of on-farm mixing or need to work with a local feed mill, Renaissance can develop a program that is suitable to your needs. While we carry a line of standard products, we have the capability of fine-tuning your ration by formulating a custom mix specifically designed for your herd.

Renaissance carries an extensive selection of feed ingredients, buffers, digestive tract modifiers, vitamin and trace mineral packs, macro minerals, flavors, amino acid products and fat products as well as the ability to make customized formulations.


Start ‘Em Right

Calf program with quality from start to finish. Renaissance carries in stock a variety of standard milk replacers as well as the capability of customization. We carry calf solution products like TheraCaf® Plus electrolyte, Scours and Pneumonia Treatment Neo-Terra (VFD required) milk replacer additive and Ultra Start® 150 calf colostrum including the Sav-A-Caf® and Calf Solutions® product lines.

Get Milk

Renaissance manufactures a line of nutritionally balanced, highly palatable calf starters and growers that will aid in calf development. Our Rumensin® calf starters come in an array of forms including low starch, with fly control. and extra molasses. We also have vitamin and mineral trace packs available for on farm mixing of calf starter and grower formulations.


Building a better Heifer and Dry Cow program foundation for peak animal performance. Renaissance carries a diversity of vitamin and mineral premixes with Availa® minerals, Mintrex® minerals, fly control, Rumensin®, and Bovatec® options for heifers. Our dry cow line includes vitamin and mineral premixes containing Rumensin®, selenium yeast, Levucell® SC, Mintrex®, Animate® and BioChlor® additives.

Solutions for Lactation

Meeting your dairy herd’s needs with high quality products, professional service and sound nutritional advice. Renaissance has a variety of vitamin and mineral premixes from Mill Mixes formulated at 1 – 4 oz/h/d feeding rate for feed mill mixing to Millennium Lactating Mixes for on farm mixing with feeding rates up to 1.6 lb/h/d. The vitamin and mineral mixes come with an array of options including with Rumensin®, Availa® minerals, Mintrex® minerals, Intellibond® minerals, Celmanax™ yeast culture and Levucell® SC active yeast. Renaissance has formulated many specialty and top cow packs. Examples include our intake enhancer Citria Top Dress, on-farm TMR ® add pack Rumensin® for Dairy, simple and complex sugar source RenSweet and a line of Ren Boost Capsules designed to provide an extra boost with direct fed microbes, B-vitamins or fiber digesting enzymes in a pill form. We also carry specialty formulated buffers, amino acid and fat products, as well as industry standards such as sodium bicarbonate, Smartamine® M, AjiPro®-L, Energy Booster® and Prequel. Renaissance carries a range of vitamins, trace minerals, macro minerals, yeast, direct-fed microbials and digestive tract modifiers such as ReaShure™, ZinPro®, Biofos, DCAD™ Plus, Dairyman’s Edge® Pro, Celmanax™, Amaferm®, Levucell® SC, AB20®, Agrimos® and the OmniGen™ product line.