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November 2018:  Feeding Whole/Waste Milk and Raising Calves by Dr. Skip Olson and Dr. Dave Cook of Milk Products

September 2018:  Feeding Whole/Waste Milk and Raising Calves by Dr. Skip Olson and Dr. Dave Cook of Milk Products

July 2018:  Transition Cows by Dr. Ken Zanzalari of Phibro

April 2018:  Effects of Seasonality on Milk Production by Andy Holloway of Elanco

March 2018:  Diet and Milk FA by Lou Armentano

December 2017:  Crushing Feed Costs with Energrow by Jasmin Hofer of Energrow (Recording issues, but it gets better)

November 2017:  uNDF in Ration Modeling by Ian Shivas of Renaissance

October 2017: Using AfiMilk by Dr. Aurora Villarroel by Milk Productsof Athyr Vet, LLC

September 2017: TheraCaf Plus Product by Dr. Dave Cook by Milk Products

July 2017: Silage Assessments & the Explorer Program by Steph Jens of Lallemand and Caitlyn Welty of Renaissance

June 2017: Heat Stress presented by Tom Bass

May 2017: Updated Research on Chromium presented by Dr. Ken Griswold of Kemin

April 2017: Proper VFD Formatting Mistakes presented by Tom Bass

March 2017: Omnigen-AF & Heat Stress and Fully-Acidified Pre-Fresh Diets with Animate presented by Dr. Dave Kirk & Dr. Scott Bascom of Phibro

February 2017: Next Generation Ren CPM FBs & Templates presented by Steve Massie & Ian Shivas

January 2017: Milk Replacers Post-VFD presented by Dr. Dave Cook of Milk Products

December 2016: New CPM Feedbank and Template Updates presented by Steve Massie & Ian Shivas of Renaissance Nutrition

November 2016: The Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) & what you need to know presented by Dr. Tom Bass of Renaissance Nutrition

October 2016: RenAAPro - the cost effective solution to optimizing Lys and Met supply presented by Jessica Tekippe of Ajinomoto and Shane Fredin of Adisseo

September 2016: Understanding Apparent Digestibility Reports, New Research and Tools to Sell Amaferm, Fall 2016 Promotion, Mill Mix 4 Amaferm and Fiber Force update presented by Dr. Howard Jensen and Cliff Ocker of Biozyme

August 2016: The Value of Mycogen and Calculating the Difference presented by Bill Sutliff of Mycogen

July 2016: Preparing for Upcoming Change to the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) presented by Dr. Tom Bass of Renaissance Nutrition

June 2016: Mastitis Prevention for Transition Cows presented by Dr. Gerald Mechor from Elanco

May 2016: Strategies for Feeding Choline to Dairy Cows presented by Dr. Charlie Staples of Univ of Florida and Dr. Babarba Barton & Dr. Glenn Aines of Balchem

April 2016: Introducing Proternative Advantage Plus presented by Tony Hall of Lallemand

March 2016: Feeding Fat for Effective Results presented by Adam Lock of Michigan State University and Barry Baetz of Global Agri Trade

February 2016: Why and When to Use Colostrum Replacers for Calves ... How to Position and Sell it presented by David Cooke of Milk Products

January 2016: Inoculants - Maintaining Quality Forages until Feedout presented by Tony Hall and Katelynn Robbins of Lallemand

Introducing Barenbrug ... Excellent Seed for Results presented by Joe Schmidlen of Barenbrug

November 2015: Updates on Rumensin Guidelines Based on the Stage of Lactation ... Encouraging Dairy Performance presented by Dr. Gerald D Mechor of Elanco

October 2015: Research Update from Prince Agri Products (Phibro) presented by Dr. Jennifer Lanier of Phibro

September 2015: Lab Updates with CVAS presented by Cliff Ocker and Ralph Ward of CVAS

June 2015: Got Milk? All Starts with the Calf presented by Randall Morris of

May 2015: A Well-Researched Probiotic Fed to 5,000,000+ Dairy and Beef Animals Every Day? What Do They Know That I Don't? by Dr. Steve Loerner of NPC

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