“If I have been on your farm in the past three decades, you most likely heard me quote my grandfather on my mother’s side. He was the cow guy in my life: my mentor, my sounding board, my guiding light and my kicker-of-butts when I needed it. He was the king of oneliners, storytelling and the keeper of every corny joke ever told in the history of mankind.

He was why I got into cows in the first place. He loved it all his life, and I wanted to love it as much as he did. It has been a good choice, for I love what I do every day walking cows, balancing rations and teaching the next generation of nutritionists what I have learned and what the old man taught me in those early days. Recently, one of my customers told me I should write all those quotes down from my grandfather and share them because most of us need a refresher every now and then. So I did just that.”